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Some of the ram lambs just 60 days old! Check out the bone, muscle and tops in the lambs.


Group picture of some of the ram lambs. They all are correct on their feet and legs and have muscle and great toplines, good square hips. They are out of productive ewes. Will make a great addition to your flock. They will be competive in the show ring and will produce in the barn. Call now - list for ewe lambs and ram lambs is growing for 2014 & 2015. Don't miss your chance to have these genetics! 


Some of the ewe lambs. Bone, muscle completness - lambs that will work in your program. Easy doing lambs - fast gaining in growth and weight without a lot of feed. Call for your next stud ewe or ram.


Ram Lamb that has bone, muscle and a great topline. Scan data and growth data available for this ram lamb. Sold to Kevin Fair, Millersburg, OH.


Check out the topline, good square hip and rib on this lamb. Easy keepers! These are the kind of sheep that are easy keepers especially with high feed costs we have now. Call for your next stud ram. 


Young Lambs - lots of muscle, bone and good topline. These lambs are 3 weeks of age.  


Another young ewe lamb - good length of top, muscle and bone!


017 "Zane" 1st Place Slick Shorn Ewe Lamb - 2010 Ohio State Fair! She was 6th Place in the Early Slick Shorn Class at 2010 NAILE and member of 1st Place Pair of Ewe Lambs! 

Flash! Her Slick Shorn Daughter was third in Fall Ewe Lamb Class with fitted ewes and much older than her!

Have a lot of ewe lambs of this quality.      

List starting for 2014 & 2015 Lambs - Don't be left out- Call and get on the list!


#035 - RR/NN Ewe Lamb Sold to Katy, Chad & Caroline Endsley! Twin - Born:1/28/2010 - Dam was 2nd in Ohio Suffolk Yearling Ewe Futurity.



"Ilena" #803

2008 Show Record

1st Slick Shorn Ewe Lamb at Ohio State Fair!

Member 2nd Pair Ewe Lambs - Ohio State Fair (Fitted and Slick Shown Together)

1st Slick Shorn Ewe Lamb - Kentucky State Fair!

Junior Champion Ewe - Kentucky State Fair!

Grand Champion Ewe - Kentucky State Fair!  

Her daughter won the Slick Shorn Ewe Lamb Class at 2013 Ohio State Fair!


Pen of Our 2009 Keeper Ewe Lambs
All lambs DNA tested.
All lambs sired by Slack ram that sired Champion Ewe at Kentucky.

Congratulations to Frostaire Farms on their 1st & 2nd Placing Spring Slick Shorn Ewe lambs at the 2011 Ohio State Fair Junior Show!      


#953 Ewe Lamb

Born: 2-8-09 Twin

Dam was second place slick shorn yearling at Ohio and Kentucky State Fairs to our class winner.

Ewe Lamb is Nominated to 2010 Ohio Suffolk Yearling Ewe Futurity.

Sold to Mike O'Neill, Indiana


# 007 Twin

Born: 1-12-10

Birth wt: 13# - 3-22 Wt: 86# 

Sold to Mike O'Neill, Shirley, IN




Ewe lambs like these for sale. Can be shown "slick shorn or with wool" and be very competitive. Lambs with thick tops, rib, bone, leg muscle and very easy doing.

All 2013 Ewe Lambs are sold - contact us to get on next year's list - it is already growing!



#019 Single - Born 1-21-10 Birth Wt: 16# 3-22 Wt: 90# He was sold to Doug Schwieterman.


Thanks to our 2013 Ewe and Ram Lamb Buyers:

Rob Frost Family - Ohio
Mike O'Neill - Indiana
Sandra Henry - West Virginia
Renee Wenzlaff - Wisconsin
Donald Dille - PA
Lane Shepherd - LA
Dee Dee Baughman - Ohio
Melvin Fledderjohann - Ohio
Mike & Jodie Hoover - PA
Jonthan Endicott - Ohio
Mike Sims - IN
Jim Fischer - Ohio
Todd Selvey - Ohio
Ron & Carin Thornhill - Ohio
David Gerfen - Ohio
Joe Williams - Ohio
Braeden Davis - New York
 Kevin Fair, Millersburg, Ohio



Ewe lambs with thickness, bone and easy performing. Come see the quality! Get your next winner here.

Our Suffolks can be shown "with or without wool".They preform in the barn and in the showring! 


SurprisedGroup picture of some of the 2010 Lambs!