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 Rear view of our
new stud ram Slack 5170.
Good bone, extension,
scrotum size.


Top view of stud ram Slack 4426. Good length, long hipped, wide deep loin, good rib. 


Side profile of Slack 45170.
Long sided, long hindsaddle,
good square hip.


496-14 March 6 
RR/NN Twin Ram Lamb. 
Thanks to
Kevin & Elaine
Stottsberry & Family
for purchasing this ram.
Placed 3rd in the
Slick Shorn Ram
Lamb Class at
Ohio State Fair.  

Wiford 466 RR/NN Twin
DOB: 1/12/2014, BWt: 16#,
2/15/2014 Wt: 70#.
Lamb is very muscular,
good bone and good breed character.
Sold to Ben Calkins.


 Wiford 476 Twin RR/NN
DOB: 1/20/2014,
BWt: 14#,
2/15/2014 Wt: 68#.
Muscular lamb, good bone.
Sold to Duane Carpenter Family


 Wiford 489 Twin 
DOB: 1/22/2014
BWt: 15.5#,
2/16/2014 Wt: 68# 
Sold to Norm Pimm, New York.
to the Pimm Family
for this ram being
Supreme Ram
in Junior Show
and Reserve Supreme
in Open Show at their fair. 

Slack 2129 -
New ram that sired
all of our 2014 & 2015 lambs. 
Bred a lot of thickness & 
bone in lambs.


Rear view of Slack 2129,
sired our 2015 lambs
and sold to
Mike and Becky O'Neill 


Top view of Slack 2129 our new stud ram.


  Ram Lamb Sold to Kevin Fair,
Millersburg, OH.
This lamb is RR/NN.
Dam has produced all the
females that have won
at the Ohio State Fair,
Indiana State Fair and
North American.
Thanks Kevin for buying him.


#327 Ram Lamb.
DOB: 1/6/2013;
BW: 16.5#; WT 2/5: 40#;
WT 2/25: 66# Wt.: 3/18 107#.
Dam has produced winners for us
at Ohio, Indiana State Fairs and
the Noeth American.
Full brother to 286
Ewe that was
reserve Junior Champion at
Louisville last fall.
Ram won his class at
2013 Ohio State Fair.
Sold to Kevin Fair,
Millersburg, OH


Thanks to Jonathan Endicott of Johnstown, Ohio for the purchase of this Fall Ram Lamb.

Twin born 1/24/12. Bwt: 14.5# 2/15 wt: 34#, 3/11 wt: 68.5#, 3/29 wt: 96#. Heavy boned, capacity easy maintence. Sold to Dave Clouser, OH - repeat buyer - Thanks Dave 

Ram Lamb #143 - Sold to Miranda Rounds, Maryland  - heavy boned, muscular, capacity. DNA tested. Twin DOB: 1/18/2011, BW: 18#, 3/2 WT: 51.5#, 4/4 WT: 115#. Ram was 1st Place Slick Shorn Ram Lamb at 2011 Ohio State Fair! Dam was champion ewe at 2008 Kentucky State Fair as a lamb - won her class at Ohio State Fair. Quality like this will be for sale next year.

Reference Sires:

Slack 5170 - 2017 & 2018 

Slack L9154 - 2011

SLack 7152 - 2009 & 2010

Slack 233I-44 - 2008

Slack 4090 - 2007

Sl3054-95 - 2005- & 2006

All these sires are related to Tom's ram "Clean Sweep"



Pictures of sire of 2011 lambs. He was Reserve Senior champion ram at the National Suffolk show in Louisville last fall. He is a Tom Slack Bred Ram. Sired us a tremendous set of lambs. Substance, bone, muscling, straight top lines and very clean front ends. Dr. Zerby scanned him 5.2 inch loin eye!! His  lambs are the same thickness and muscle.


Above photo is of a RR/NN twin ram lamb. Dam was winner of 2009 Ohio Suffolk Yearling Ewe Futurity. DOB: 2/5 BW: 19#; 3/10 50.5#; 4/4 95# Scanned 3.68 inch loin eye. He sold to Joe Howman, West Salem. Twin sold to Bonnie and Harry Boyden, MD

List starting for 2018 & 2019 growing!  
Contact us for information - Get your name on the list!
Very thick and muscular, lots of bone, very complete lambs. 


2018 & 2019 Lamb List is growing - don't miss your chance to purchase lambs that will give you muscle, bone and substance. We showed 5 sheep in Open Show at the 2010 Ohio State Fair. 1st Place Slick Shorn Ram Lamb, 1st Place Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe, 3rd Place Slick Shorn Yearling Ewe, and 1st Place Slick Shorn Ewe Lamb and 4th Place Slick Shorn Ewe Lamb! Lambs that we sold to Frostaire Farms were 1-2-3 in Ohio State Fair Jr. Show. 1 Placed 3rd in open show and another was 6th!

Wiford Suffolks
For Sale Quality Suffolk Sheep 

Slack 0122 Stud Ram of all 2021 Lambs.


Reserve Champion Ewe
2017 MidWest Regional
Jr. Suffolk Show
at the Ohio State Fair. 


1st Place Junior
Ewe Lamb
2017 MidWest
Regional Jr.
Suffolk Show at
The Ohio State Fair..


Ram Lamb # 932
2nd Place Slick Shorn
Ram Lamb at
2009 Ohio State Fair
1st Place Slick Shorn
Ram Lamb
at Kentucky State Fair and
Reserve Junior Champion

Sold to
Bonnie & Harry Boyden,
Bel Alton, MD


Rear view of our 
Slack Ram 5170.


Picture of our Slack Stud Ram - Slack L9154 that was 2nd Place at 2010 NAILE Slick Shorn and Reserve Senior Champion Ram! His Dam is same as the last ram we used #7152!


#7152 Our Tom Slack stud ram.

Sire of 2010 Lambs

Sired Champion Ewe at Kentucky State Fair

Sired 1st place Ram Lamb; Yearling Ewe and Spring Ewe Lamb at 2010 Ohio State Fair!



#7152 Slack stud ram lamb


Sire of all 2010 lambs - Tom Slack ram 7152

He Sired all of Our 1st Place Ewes and Ram at 2010 Ohio State Fair and Sired 1st Place (Reserve Junior Champion) and 6th Place Early Slick Shorn Ewe Lambs at 2010 NAILE and those Ewe Lambs were also 1st Place Pair of Slick Shorn Ewe Lambs

He sired 1st and 2nd place slick shorn ewe lambs at the 2009 Ohio State and Kentucky State Fairs!

Capacious, bone and loaded with meat - they are very easy doing!

055-3.jpeg042-5.jpeg2 RR/NN ram lambs for sale. Muscular, rib, bone, long hindsaddles, easy doing. 055-5.jpegGrowth data available.




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